There are several reasons to have a real estate business website. In the age of the internet, people search online when they want to buy a home. Your website is where you advertise, provide information, list homes you are trying to sell, and where you can try to get more leads. There are two ways that people get in touch with you via your website. One is that you list your phone numbers and email address and they contact you. The other is via an opt-in form on your website. An opt-in form is where you have people give you their contact information, where they can request information and where you can gather new leads. The better your opt-in form works the more successful your real estate business will be. What are some creative ways to increase your opt-in form signups?

Incentives Boost Opt-ins

A tried and true means of boosting opt-ins is to give your site visitor a good reason to opt-in with their name, email address and other contact information. A common approach is to give them a free eBook about how to sell a home, what to look for when buying property or any other topic that will be useful to potential clients. These folks get useful information in return for giving you the right to send them emails or contact them by phone to offer your services.  When you have their email address you can send them monthly real estate newsletters including more useful tips.

Short and Sweet Instead of Cluttered and Wordy

Do not clutter up your opt-in form with too much information. People will decide to opt in based on one or two good reasons. If you have too much information you will lose business at the critical moment when the visitor decides. The design of your form is also important. If opt-in form design is not your forte, get expert help in designing a simple and effective opt-in form.

If At First You Don’t Succeed Try, Try Again

There is no one guaranteed way to create the most effective opt-in form. The best approach is to give it your best shot and put the form on your website. Then keep track of how many people visit the form and how many clicks the button and opt-in. If you are not satisfied with the results modify the form and try again. Keep track of the results and after a few different approaches go back to the one that gave you the most opt-ins.

Is It Your Opt-in Form or Your Web Site?

What if you get very few visitors to your website but 100% of them opt-in? Then the problem is not the opt-in form but rather your site design. You may need more useful and search engine optimized content to attract visitors to your site. Or you may need better sales funnel to drive traffic to the opt-in form once they are already on your site. Sometimes all it takes is for you to post a weekly blog about some useful real estate topic to increase your site traffic. Then your 100% converting opt-in form will help you generate more leads than you can handle!

Finding Your Opt-in Form

What if you have lots of folks visiting your website but no one ever opts in? They probably cannot find the form! Try different placements, bigger text or larger images to make sure that potential customers can find your opt-in form.

What Do You Want to Know?

The point of an opt-in form is to get the name, email address and maybe a phone number for a potential lead. But, without making your form too long, consider a couple of checkboxes for folks who specifically want to buy a home or sell a home. Who handles the information, how you respond and how quickly you respond will vary based on this information.