Many real estate agents are using Facebook as one of their primary tools to engage with home buyers and sellers in their area. If you’re not already doing this then you really should be.

There’s a really good chance that your next client has visited Facebook today!

Let’s face it, real estate agents tend to be really good at what they do best – marketing houses! Yes, some real estate agents are good story-tellers and communicators, both of which are important if you want to be successful with your Facebook marketing. But if you’re going to grow your real estate business you really need to be getting as much face-to-face time with your clients and prospective clients as much as possible. Which means you won’t have so much time to work on your Facebook page as you might like to.

Therefore, it’s vital that the time you do spend on your page is used wisely so that you can make maximum impact and display to potential clients that you are the right real estate agent that they should be working with.

If you want to establish a professional Facebook presence then we can help you. We can fill in some of the gaps on the days when you don’t have time to research and post useful information. You can’t always be posting details of new properties you’re marketing because only the people who are looking to move house now will really have an interest in those posts. You also need to be posting items that are of interest to future buyers and even buyers who are contracted with other agents – so that you are the top of their minds if their current relationship with their agent doesn’t work out and they want to go with someone new.

We love the challenge of helping real estate agent become more high profile on Facebook. We want to help to build up your credibility and to show that you are at the top of your game and know what is going on in the real estate industry So are you ready to get going? Simply complete the form below to get started immediately.

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