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When we work on websites we focus on BOTH rankings and conversions

What we can do for you


Our consulting service is flexible enough to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. Each client we work with has different challenges and may be at a different position in their online marketing efforts. So we can devise short and long-term plans for every client.

Online Marketing

Creating an effective online marketing strategy is vital if you want to maximize your marketing dollars so that you get a good return on your investment. A good online marketing plan will also aim to enhance your brand so that it becomes more recognizable.


Guessing the keywords that people may use to search for a business like yours is a big mistake that we often see. Before spending time, effort and money on building web pages and ranking them it’s important that research is carried out to ensure the correct keywords are targeted.


Our SEO services offer a visible and effective search presence on the leading search engines such as Google and Bing to help our clients increase sales, profitability, and cost-efficiency for their services. We also focus our efforts on making sure our clients’ sites ranking Google’s mobile results, which differ from their desktop results pages.

Maps Marketing

Showing up on page 1 of Google in the maps section is probably the most important position to be in for local businesses if they don’t want to literally be handing customers to their competition. Testing has shown that those local businesses appearing in the maps positions and have positive reviews showing tend to get most phone calls from prospective customers.


Always keep in mind that reports can be manipulated to show you what people want you to see. Although we’re happy to send monthly reports to our clients, we prefer to put in place real-time systems that allow our clients to go in and check results at any point in time. Important things you want to look at are rankings, traffic and contacts.

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