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Searching For A Fort Myers SEO Company?

Alchemy Digital Media are recognized as the number 1 company in SEO Fort Myers has to offer. 

At Alchemy Digital Media we know that having number 1 rankings in themselves are not enough to guarantee online success for our clients. The only important thing is to get our clients' telephone ringing with prospective customers on the other end. 



The Power Of Search Engine Optimization

Of course search engine optimization is an important online marketing tool. Right now the world's biggest referral site is Google, and most people still use that vehicle to search for potential suppliers of products and services. So we don't want to underplay the importance of SEO.  If carried out correctly and the right keywords are targeted, then having these show up near the top of page 1 of the search engine results pages (serps) is more than likely going to mean that you are going to get more highly targeted prospects back to your website compared to what you might have done if your site is nowhere to be seen in Google. 

Can I Carry Out SEO Myself?

Absolutely you can. SEO is not a magical science and anybody who has the inclination can learn how to do it. There are unlimited resourced on the Internet that walk you through the process. So why would anybody hire a SEO company to do this work for them, you might ask? The number 1 answer is to save time. As I mentioned, SEO isn't hard to learn, but it is very time consuming. And to do it properly you need to do a little SEO work on a daily basis in order to bring in incoming links from other websites on a regular basis. 

The other thing to be careful of, if you choose to do it yourself, is to make sure you don't do anything that is going to get your website blacklisted by Google. There's a lot of automated software that's being touted to help get your website ranking on page 1 of Google, but those pieces of software are exactly the type of thing that will get your site banned. So you need to be careful when you are using SEO software.

How Do I Select A Good SEO Company To Work With?

There are many companies that suggest that they are experts in SEO. The first thing we would suggest you do is use the search term '[Your city] SEO' (replace [Your city] with the city where you are looking for the vendor to be located in). If you don't see the web pages of a company you are considering anywhere on page 1 of Google, then you probably want to look elsewhere. They don't necessarily have to be right at the top of the rankings, but at least somewhere on page 1.

Once you have a few potential vendors to select from speak, to each of them to find out what they charge and to get some kind of idea of how they plan to move you up the rankings and to get timeframes.

Don't get tied into any long term contracts (or even any kind of contract so you can cancel at any point without any kind of penalty). If a SEO company doesn't have you tied into a contract they are more likely to continuously work on your website to move the rankings up as soon as possible, rather than waiting until it is close to the time for your contract to be renewed, and then putting in a bit of a burst to move the up rankings. 

Finally ask to get live references you can speak to. Nothing speaks more than being able to see current work being carried out by the SEO specialists and speaking to the clients.

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