The real estate business has always been one where meeting the customer face to face and a firm handshake are basic. But what happens to a person to person business when high technology enters the picture? People still want to deal with a real estate agent they trust so the professional realtor will not go away. But, those who do not take advantage of new technology may have fewer clients, fewer sales, and less money! Here are some thoughts on how to deal with this brave new world and how to use technology to put your real estate marketing, and more, on autopilot.

Selling Homes Using Virtual Reality Technology

The vast majority of people who want to buy a new home start out searching online. They spend more time looking at the photos posted on your website than reading the property descriptions. And, if you have videos your potential customers will watch them. A new twist to marketing homes with videos is virtual reality. When you take a video of a property you want to sell, you go through the property with the video camera running and end up with a few minutes of images. But if the client is interested he or she needs to start the video again to catch something that they missed. Virtual reality technology records a three hundred sixty degree image of every room. This data is programmed in such a way that using a computer, smartphone or virtual reality headset the user can move about the virtual house just like walking through the real home. As this technology advances it will become cheaper and easier to use.

Finding Buyers and Sellers on Social Media

In this digital age we live in, everyone seems to have a smartphone and a Facebook account. Create a real estate business presence on Facebook and other social media sites of your choosing. Do not use your personal account for your real estate business. Facebook has moved beyond posting photos of your birthday party and your cats. The new Facebook lets you post geo-targeted ads. That is you can target one ad for a specific neighborhood and other ads for other areas of your city. By creating a real estate presence on social media you can more easily communicate with potential clients and by using the networking aspect of Facebook you can communicate with all of your friends. Remember that this social media site has more than two hundred million users! And use the new search functions on Facebook to find new clients by using search terms associated with buying, selling or moving into a new home.

What Is a Chatbot?

You have probably already communicated with a Chatbot when you called the helpline at your bank. This is a computer program made to act and sound like a human. These programs are set up to answer simple and frequently asked questions and to direct users to the services that they need. Is your real estate business missing calls because everyone is too busy? Are calls going to voicemail when you are out of the office or with a client? These folks may call back or not. By using a simple Chatbot program you can answer questions and direct potential customers to services that will keep them as your clients.

Blockchain: Not Just for Bitcoin Anymore

The blockchain technology behind cryptocurrencies has uses beyond bitcoin and the like. Keep an eye out for how this evolves. This technology can be used to store real estate transactions and other property-related information. It is not yet clear how this will figure into your daily real estate business but pay attention as it evolves.