Everyone seems to have their own website these days. After all, this is the age of the internet. Shouldn’t you bring your real estate business into the online age? What are the biggest benefits of having your own private website as a real estate agent? Maybe you want a website because everyone expects you to have one. That is a vanity issue. Your own private website can do more for your business. Here are a few ideas.

Where Customers Can Find You on Their Smart Phone

It seems that almost everyone today has a smartphone connected to the internet. People use these devices to shop, compare prices, find businesses and get ideas. And people looking to buy a home go online via their smartphones to browse real estate sites. This is where you want to be in the world of the internet. When you have your own private website they can bookmark your address and find you by simply touching the screen of their phone. Even if you hand out business cards you can put your website and email addresses on the card so that people can find you at a moment’s notice.

All of Your Information in One Place

When you have your own private website it provides one-stop shopping for your clients. On the main page, you will have contact information such as your office and cell phone numbers as well as your email address. This is where you will feature choice properties that you represent. You can link information on the main page to content within your website so that clients can find what they want without having to search page by page through your site. And on the main page, you will have headings that lead to subsections of your site such as all real estate listings that you currently represent.

Easy to Find on the Internet

Because everyone searches for information on the internet this is where you need to have your contact information and where you want to advertise your services. But how can you make sure that folks will find you when they search for a realtor, a list of available homes, or information about selling a house? This is the world of search engine optimization (SEO). People look for information on the internet using search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. They enter search terms like “homes for sale in Cleveland” or “what to do before selling a home.” Your job when constructing and maintaining your private website is to add information in the form of blogs. These blogs have titles and what are called keywords. The keywords should be likely search terms that people will use. These terms should be in the title and throughout the blog. When this is done correctly you will rank high on the internet search engines and people will find you on the first page of Google when looking for information about real estate. In the real estate business, it is important to say where you do business as well because people who are looking to buy property will put the location where they live or want to buy property in their search.

Useful Information and Return Visitors

The biggest benefits of having your own private website are when people recognize you as an authority in the field of real estate and come to your website for information. This happens when you continually write useful content. Answer the questions that your potential clients are asking, like “where can I find the best house at the best price.” Provide readers with information about how to prepare a house for a sale. When your website is optimized it will attract visitors and when it has useful content those visitors will come back and even suggest your website and services to their friends and neighbors.