There are two ways to get your real estate brand noticed. The first is with old-school approaches and the second is using the new tools of the internet age.

Logos, Calendars, Pens, Flyers and USB Chargers

Marketing has always been a visual business. If you have an eye-catching logo people will see it and think about your real estate business.  Remember that a picture, or logo, is worth a thousand words. Your logo can be used with the old school approach to marketing by putting it, your name, phone number, email address and website on calendars, flyers, pens and even USB chargers. Putting your brand on things that people use every day has always been and still is a simple but great marketing strategy to get your real estate brand noticed. If you do not have a logo consider getting some help from a graphic designer to create something attractive that people will identify as your brand.

Websites, Email Campaigns, Social Media and Influencers

You can still get real estate leads by chatting up your business at the neighborhood diner but the internet has greatly expanded your potential reach. The internet gives you the opportunity to be seen anywhere and everywhere, send email campaigns without paying for envelopes and postage, and tap into the new power of social media.

A Quality Website and More

A website doesn’t have to be really extravagant, it can be very simple – as long as the first impression screams professionalism. You can even put up a site with one page featuring your name and logo, your email, phone numbers and perhaps a photo or short list of properties you are trying to sell. Hand out business cards that include your email and website so prospects can always contact you. This approach may be all you need in a small town where you have been in business for decades and have little or no competition. But what do you do to get noticed in a city, especially when you are starting out? This is where a more extensive web site and other aspects of online marketing become important.

Websites, Mailing Lists, and Email Campaigns

A simple marketing strategy to get your real estate brand noticed on the internet is to write a weekly blog on your website. Write about things that will be useful to your clients and use words and phrases that they will use when searching on the internet for information about real estate. This raises your ranking in the search engines and gets more visitors to come to your website. On your site offer an eBook about how to get a house ready for sale or some other useful topic. Give the eBook away for free in return for permission to send emails. Then include your blogs and top real estate listings in emails to your growing mailing list.

Social Media and Influencers

While you are writing posts for your website to get your real estate brand noticed post the best parts of that info on your company Facebook page. Social media has become the place where many people get their information. Facebook, Twitter, and others are where you want your brand to be seen along with links back to your website.

You will get attention for your brand with a presence in social media. But there are already kings and queen of this brave new world. Social media influencers write blogs about various topics and publish on social media. The most successful ones have hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers. When a social media influencer mentions your business, your brand is now recognized by all of his or her followers. This sort of occasional exposure on social media can be just what you need to get your real estate brand noticed.