The old saying is that a picture is worth a thousand words. In the case of real estate images, a professional photo can be worth a thousand shots with your smartphone. Nine out of ten people looking for a home search on the internet. Their first impression comes from the images included in the listing. In fact, folks spend two-thirds of their time looking at the photos and a third or less reading the descriptions. If you want a property to sell, you want to evoke strong emotions with your photography. A snapshot taken with your iPhone is unlikely to help. For best results, use a professional to take your photos, especially for high-end properties. Professional quality photos tend to sell homes faster and at higher prices. So, why does a professional photographer for your home for sale get better results?

How Do Professionals Take Pictures?

A professional photographer uses a better camera than you do. More pixels per square inch give you sharper and clearer photos. The same can be said for a better grade lens. But, professional photos start before even before picking up the camera.


Take a flash photo and all too often the most prominent part of the picture is a flash reflecting off a wall. A professional knows how to shoot with the light at his back, use indirect lighting timed to the photo and adjust camera settings to get the most attractive result.

Picking the Shot

You really do not need a dozen photos to sell your home. You need one great one. Great photos have a design, contrast, color and a focal point. A professional photographer has learned how to frame the shot, which angle to shoot from and which lens to use at which distance for a photo that jumps out at you instead of one of the ho-hum shots commonly seen in real estate listings.

Post Production

Modern digital photography allows us to point, shoot and store our images. But a professional photographer not only picks a shot and composes it before shooting. A professional takes the image and tweaks it in image processing software to achieve the perfect result. The famous black and white photographer, Ansel Adams, had to wake up before dawn, hike up the side of the mountain and wait for the right moment to get the sunrise just right on a cliff like Half Dome. Today a professional photographer can shoot the same mountain cliff, or your home, and use image processing software to get the optimal result.

Knowing What to Look For

No matter how many real estate photos you have taken you do not have the experience in crafting an image that a professional has. The reason the old pros like Ansel Adams took such lasting images was that they knew in advance what they wanted in the shot. And then they applied their knowledge and skills to make that happen. Us a professional photographer for your home for sale and take advantage of invaluable experience.

What Will Impress the Buyer?

The point of a great photo is to show off the best features of your home for sale. If the kitchen has been recently remodeled with new appliances, it is a feature to use to sell the home. But do not settle for a so-so image of kitchen and appliances. Get a professional to compose an image with the right angle and lighting to show off the design and functionality of your kitchen as well as the new high-end appliances. A professional photo will draw the potential buyer into the image and evoke a strong emotion. That will more often than not lead to a faster and more lucrative sale.