Choosing to work with Alchemy Digital Media
is choosing to invest in your own company

Before we work with you, we will take the time to get to know more about your company, and its immediate goals.
Without understand those it would be impossible to create anything that contributes to your success!

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About Us
Your Online Partner in Success!

Let’s face it there are a lot of web-design companies out there, and most of them will promise you the world. So why is working with Alchemy Digital Media any different?

The overall vision for Alchemy Digital Media is to be able to provide a complete online web solution for our clients at a fair price. In addition, it’s important to us that all of our clients feel that continuing to work with our company provides them with complete value for money.

Regardless of who we work with, regardless of how big or small the company is, we will always provide our best work with the aim for those clients to see a measurable improvement in their success and bottom line.

Our pricing is always fair and quoted upfront. Once we quote you a price, it will not increase, even if we’ve made a mistake in our quote. We never make clients sign contracts, because we believe our clients should stay with us because they’re happy with our work, and not because they’re afraid of litigation.

Our History
Dec, 2007

Alchemy Digital Media Group, LLC. is formed. Founded by Keshav Basnet and Earl Gardner, the company began life as a web-design company that didn’t offer all of the complimentary services that we offer today.

April, 2009
Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization services added to the ADM portfolio. So not only did the sites we built look good, but they were ranking inside the search engines and pulling in traffic for our clients.

October, 2010
Rank and Rent

Introduced our first innovative and very popular ‘Rank & Rent’ program, where we would build sites and rank them in the search engines before renting them out to local businesses.

May, 2013
WordPress Websites

Changed from using the MODx CMS to building on the more popular WordPress CMS platform. This had had a major impact on the direction of the company.

May, 2014
Customer reviews

Created our first publicly available WordPress plugin (ReviewShield). A plugin that website owners used to filter out good and bad online reviews. This also introduced us to a new customer sub-set – Internet marketers.

November, 2014
Local Business Pro

Created our first set of pre-populated website templates for local businesses. These were very popular with Internet marketers who used these as a platform to build new website for their B2B clients.

October 2017
ADM Thor

Introduced our second series of pre-populated websites that just as popular with Internet marketers as the first series and still going strong today.

February, 2019
ADM Local Business Directory Dominator

Introduced our new series of local business directories, which quickly rank inside the search engines and help to drive traffic to ours and our clients’ websites.

August 2019
ADM Thor

Introduced our revolutionary $99 website rental service to the public

Customer Testimonials
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