Importance of Blogging to Your Business

Blogging has come so far over the years. It started as a way of people sharing out their stories but is now one of the most prominent internet marketing strategies. It has given smaller businesses with limited resources to compete with the giants in a way that was impossible before. This begs the question, should I be blogging for my business? Well, if you are not blogging, what are you doing? Internet marketing relies on information and the more people visit your site to find answers to their needs, the more likely they will be interested in checking out your commodities. Blogging for businesses has a plethora of benefits and here are some of them…

Targets Prospective Clients

Blogs do not contain direct promotion of goods and services but offer web users a place to gather answers that will give them solutions. However, the promotion aspect comes in passively, and this works better than the active one. People are bothered by companies that are too salesly, and blogs give you a subtle way to target your potential clients. By discussing critical matters in the niche, you operate in and some of the challenges these people are facing, you get an audience of people who are genuinely interested in what you offer. This way, they get attracted naturally and can decide to buy from you.

Increase Website Traffic

All the sites on the internet compete for traffic. The more people visit your website, the higher the chances of getting customers. Well, people go to Google to search for answers and blogs offer the best places for them to learn more. Most business blogs are on a different page from the main sales page, and this secondary location gives you a way of redirecting your visitors to the main page where your products and services are on display.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines determine which website ranks top whenever someone searches for anything on the internet. They do this determination depending on many factors, and one of them is the relevance of the content on the page concerning what the web user is looking for. SEO should be a priority for every business, and without it, your company will never be visible to potential customers. Having new blogs means that the search engines have more pages to crawl and you also get a way of naturally incorporating relevant keywords to your website. These increase the chances of your site ranking highly on the search engines. In a nutshell, more blogs keep the search engines happy, and this increases your online visibility.

Running A Business Blog

Many people have blogs, but not all of them will yield the desired results. You need to know how to start and run a blog for your business. Blogging is like an exercise, and once you set up one, you need to be committed for it to be successful. Post regular content and ensure that what you post is top quality. Your posts need to attract potential clients and know what to write about. The internet is full of trends, and these hot topics change within a very short time. Write about relevant things that very few people have covered. This way, visitors will get a reason to visit your site. While the quality of these articles matters, the size also comes in handy and try to post more frequently to stay ahead of the competition. The more content there is, the more people will come to benefit from it.

Blogging is very beneficial, particularly for small businesses that might not have vast resources to leverage. It is a good way of building your online reputation and gaining clients in this competitive digital world.

Video Transcript:

Blogging for business: Why your business NEEDS to be blogging

Welcome back to theHeyJessica blog and the YouTube channel. Today, we are tackling why your business needs to have a blog?

Now, if you’re new to my channel or my site, you may not know. This is a video in a blog post that I’ve actually done before. But I wanted to make sure that I was bringing all relevant and up to date information to you guys. And it’s a question, I keep getting inside of my facebook group and in my community and I wanted to make sure, I addressed it. I am a firm believer that every single business needs a blog. And when I say blog that can sound kind of like seriously like we need a blog. But I mean current up to date blogging practices every single business can benefit and use a blog.

The reasons you can benefit from and use a blog for your business are infinite. I feel like there are so many reasons that it’s really good for business to have this. But I’m just going to run through a few. So, the number one reason, it is good for any business to have a blog is SEO. Now I talked a lot about SEO in a series. I did a while back. So if you want to know more about SEO, how to name your photos for SEO, how I use YouTube to increase the SEO on my site, or anything like that. Click the links below this video in this description box to be able to see those past videos I did specifically on SEO.

But for now we’re talking about blogging and blogging is huge for SEO like huge, like major huge, like really huge. Just saying. The reason is Google really favors websites that are consistently putting out content with relevant key terms. So if you just put up a Website and it’s just your home page and your About page and your contact page and that’s it. You are not consistently putting information out into Google. So, your website keywords will kind of just dwindle and die and Google won’t really care that you even have them on your site. Whereas if you are constantly putting out content. Google is constantly having to index your site for new keywords and that is a good thing. That is something they want to do.

They’re going to show preference to the Websites that have more content coming out on a more consistent basis. In terms of SEO, you’re also putting your Website out for keywords. That it may not normally even be found for. So, Let’s say you’re an accountant and you’re an accountant for small business owners. And that’s the keywords you use on your Website as a whole, Accountant small business owners. So, when someone Googles accountant for small business owners. They’re likely going to find your home page. If you’ve done your stuff right. Right?

But let’s say you really like the program wave or quick books. I don’t really care it doesn’t matter. Well let’s go with wave for now. You really like the wave accounting software and you decide to write a post about it. Now, You wouldn’t normally be an expert on wave accounting, right? But because you’re running a post on it you can use the keywords like wave accounting or wave apps or how to use wave or something of that nature. And now your Website and you as a whole are being found on google for different key terms than you would have been found if you didn’t have that post. So you’re basically just broadening your horizons as far as all the key terms that you can be found for on your Website. So that’s the number one reason you need to have a blog on your Web site and that is SEO.

Number two, it increases your relevance and your expertise level in the eyes of visitors. So, if someone comes to a Website and there’s not any current content, or it’s been six months since they last blogged, or whatever. They’re going to look less serious about their business than someone who’s consistently pumping out content and giving people something to read and do when they come to their Website. So, as a whole you’re increasing your ability to be seen as an expert and to be seen as relevant in today’s world.

The third reason, you need a blog on your business Website is because it will increase your page views per month, per year, whatever. So again, going back to if you just had a home page or an about page in a contact page or whatever and you didn’t have a blog. You’re not putting out any new content. So why would someone want to come back to your site consistently or in fact their friends or anything like that? They wouldn’t. But when you’re using a blog to increase the amount of content that’s going out into the inner webs, repeat people are coming back to your site. They’re telling their friends about your article, you published. You are getting more Google searches that come into your site. So overall you are increasing your exposure and your page views which will essentially increase your email list and your income. If you’re doing it correctly.

So that leads me into Number Four. Number four reason, you need a blog for your business and that is that it will help grow your email list. Now, I don’t think that every business needs a just a blog. I think you need to be doing it strategically. Not just posting about your latest wedding, you’ve photographed or what’s new at your store. But writing articles that appeal to your ideal client or customer and then giving them a reason to opt into your email list. We all know that the money is in the list right. So, we should give people a reason to want to be on our list. So, when you are creating consistent content and relevant content to your ideal audience, they’ll come to your Website and they’ll be like whoa! That was good content. And she has a free guide that I can download right now. Let me click that button because yes I want that. And now they’re on your email list.

So this all kind of works together right. You are increasing your SEO to get more people to your site. You’re increasing the fact that people are going to see you as more of an expert. You are getting people actually on your Website consistently and repeatedly and all of those people who are coming for all of those other reasons I just mentioned, are eventually coming onto your email list. And if you’re doing it correctly with sales funnels or you know promoting to your list in the right ways then more people on your email list means more income.

So your blog can be a super valuable tool to your business to any business. I can promise you right now that every single business could make more money by having a consistent, relevant, and strategic blog strategy included in their business plan. So, this is kind of why write like this is what that’s what I’m saying. So if I’ve done my job and I’ve talked you into the fact that you need a blog on your Website but you’re like I don’t even know what to blog about. I have a free guide that accompanies this blog post that will help you figure out what you should be blogging about and figure out how to appeal to your ideal client or customer it with your blog.

So, if you’re on YouTube click the link below to head over to the blog post and grab that guide. And if you’re watching right here in the blog scroll up and down and find a little box that will give you that guide. I can’t wait to see how you incorporate blogging into your business strategy. So, definitely let me know how it works for you? And if you have any questions. In the meantime, hit the button below and make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel. I would love to have you here and that way you’ll never miss another techie and business strategy tip from me again. Bye all.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

blog is meant to generate awareness about you and your brand. It’s best used as a tool to establish authority and make people trust you. Popular blogs like Problogger or Social Media Examiner are business blogs that made the business of blogging itself work for them. They sell advice on how to blog.
In general, the more blog posts you publish, the better the chances of capturing more traffic. Research shows that companies who blog 3 to 5 times a month, or around once a week, get twice the web traffic than those who don’t blog at all.
I’m going to break down the exact steps you need to take to build a successful and profitable blog.
  1. Identify Your Topic.
  2. Know Your Target Market.
  3. Choose Your Domain, Hosting, and Theme WISELY.
  4. Establish Your Goals.
  5. Build Rapport through Relevant Content.
  6. Create a Regular Schedule.
  7. Brand Your Business.
  8. Build Your List.

Blogging is popular because it works as a marketing tool and makes money. But blogging isn’t all rainbows and unicorns, in the world of online income. Blogging requires a great deal of time. For blogs to be effective at SEO and engaging readers, it needs to be updated regularly.

Advantages and disadvantages
Advantages of blogsDisadvantages of blogs
Easy and quick to update or add new postsBlogs can be time consuming. Finding time to write regular updates can become a chore.
People can leave comments on your blogPeople may leave rude or inappropriate comments
What should I blog about?
  • Consider your passions.
  • Consider the blogs you read.
  • Teach everything you know.
  • Think about missing content from your favorite blogs.
  • Focus on presenting solutions to problems.
  • Write as a leading learner.
  • Think about the body of work you want to have in five years.
  • Write to a specific person.
Blogging is a great way to help market or promote yourself or your business, product, or service. This means you can sell something online through your blog or you can use it merely for informative purposes. Point people to your blog URL to give them more info about what you’re offering.
One of the most recently recognized benefits of blogging as a business is a blog’sability to improve your website’s SEO. Another benefit to having a company blog is that its content gives your customers or readers the confidence to trust in you and your brand as an expert in your particular field.
To turn marketing into revenue, you must engage your audience with content that’s useful before you start to sell.
4 Ways to Use Your Blog to Market Your Business on Social Media
  1. Set goals.
  2. Create an effective blog.
  3. Write social media posts.
  4. Automate publication.
The Benefits of Blogging
  • Express Yourself and Share Your Passions.
  • Make A Difference.
  • Refine Your Writing Skills.
  • Learn How To Make Money Online.
  • Build Your Professional Network.
  • Earn More Exposure.
  • Become an Authority in Your Industry.
  • Build an Online Portfolio.

*The information above does not constitute legal advice or opinion, nor is it a substitute for the professional judgment of a qualified attorney.

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