THE ADM Care Plan For Your Website

We know that you have other more important things on your mind…
like running your business for instance!

$99 Per Month Allows You To Say Goodbye to Website Headaches & Worries

Hand your website over to us, and from now on we’ll manage all the updates,
maintenance and we’ll even make adjustments to the site to prevent problems.

When we (or your web developer) built your website and handed it over to you, we let you know the importance of backing up your site regularly and also making sure you do your best to keep the hackers out by updating the themes and plugins inside your site regularly. Is this something that you are doing? And if you are, how long does it take you? And even if you are doing these things, there are things we couldn’t ask you to do because they require a more technical mind to take care of them. And if you attempt to do them yourself, there’s a chance you could break your website. This is why we’ve introduced our new ADM Care Plan, so we can handle these things for you!


We’ll back your site up at least once a week


We’ll make sure everything is updated.


We’ll monitor your site and take action when required

Website Maintenance

For $99 Per Month We Will Manage Every Aspect of Your Website

  • We’ll Scan Your Site – When you sign up to our plan, we’ll give it a basic health check to see where we stand
  • We’ll Back Up Your Site – Before we start making changes we take a back up in case we encounter any problems
  • We’ll Secure Your Site – Next we’ll make sure anybody who’s not meant to be in your site stays out
  • We’ll Update Your Site – We’ll make sure the site is using the most up-to-date version of WordPress and plugins
  • We’ll Speed Up Your Site – We know your site won’t be loading at it’s optimum speed, but we’ll take care of that
  • We’ll Monitor Your Site – Once we’re done, we’ll keep an eye on things to make sure your site stays safe and loads fast

Our All-In-One Website Management Solution

Malware Scanning

If we find anything, don’t worry we’ll take care of it

Automatic Backups

Backing up your site regular is vital – but we’ll cover it!

Uptime Monitoring

If your site goes offline we’ll know immediately and get to work

Security Updates

We’ll also check and update your plugins and WordPress

Site Speed

We’ll make sure your pages load as fast as possible

Priority Support

As an ADM Care Plan customer you go to the top of the list

Ranking Checks

We’ll let you know how your site ranks in the search engines

Optional Hosting

If you want us to host your site for you, we can offer that too

Sign Up To The ADM Care Plan today!

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ADM Website Maintenance Plan
One-time set up fee: $39
Monthly fee until you cancel: $39 per month